Check out these features:

  1. FREE – you can start right now, anywhere in the world and decide if you like it
  2. SUPERIOR test experience with easy to read font, comprehensive navigation and flagging
  3. OFFICIAL Practise Exams x 2 – available on the go so you can practise on the train or bus
  4. EXTRA Practise Exams – we recommend our students practise at least 200 test questions
  5. GLOSSARY – hundreds of ITIL terms, updated and added to, with many search options
  6. HELP – fully illustrated step-by-step instructions help you get the most from the ITIL Wizard

The ITIL app you can trust to pass your exam, first time!

We teach ITIL foundation courses every week, and needed an ITIL practise app that our students would find easy to use, accurate and good value. We also wanted a great quality test experience so the app could match our reputation for quality teaching. So we created the ITIL Wizard to help us get one of the best pass rates in the world, and now we’re sharing it with you.

Tuned to the topics of the current training materials (no out of date questions), the ITIL Wizard provides you with more practise tests to help prepare you for a PASS, first time!

We took our years of experience teaching thousands of students and combined this with all the best features from training apps we could find.

You can start practising for your exams FREE, right now, without having to pay upfront.

ADD more exams as you need them, with either unlock codes from your trainer, in-app purchase, or earn more tests by sharing your experiences.

We built ITIL Wizard to be the best exam practise app you can find. Here’s more to help you PASS:


  • NAVIGATE with swipe gestures or buttons for next/prev, start/end, slide and jump
    FLAG questions you want to double check later
    SAVE your test in progress
    DASHBOARD to see tests available, passed, failed and in progress
    LOGIC to confirm you have answered all questions before submission
    EXPLANATIONS in full for each question
    REFERENCES to the foundation syllabus and the ITIL® books
    TIMER so you can simulate a live test


  • HUNDREDS of official ITIL® terms and definitions
  • UPDATED for the new 2011 books
  • EXTRA terms for the 2012 Foundation syllabus
  • A-Z directory style search
  • LIFECYCLE-only search to limit results to one book
  • FOUNDATION-only switch to see only course related terminology
  • ALL TEXT search finds every occurrence of a term, even in the explanations
  • BROWSE mode with swipe


  • Screen illustrations walk you through every feature

You’ll find this app is the best value available, and will help you enjoy your ITIL experience while preparing you for the ITIL Foundation Exam.

PS. You’ll want to keep updating the ITIL Wizard (even after you’ve passed your exam) to take advantage of the many new features we have planned to make your ITIL journey a success.

Screen Shots

ITILWizard comes with many awesome features.

We took our years of experience teaching thousands of students and combined this with all the best features from training apps we could find, to bring you the ITIL Wizard!

Checkout Some Screenshots

“ITIL Wizard is built around an easy to use, fully featured exam experience.”


Version 1.0

November, 22nd ,2013

The premiere of the world’s most fully-featured and free ITIL exam practise app. Full navigation, save tests in progress and glossary with multiple filter options assure better ITIL foundation tests results.

  • New Includes the two official ITIL® practise exams
  • New Glossary with hundreds of terms updated for the 2011 books and 2012 syllabus
  • New Save tests in progress
  • New NavBar and JumpGrid along with swipe gestures make test navigation easy
  • Fixed Some questions with incorrect answers
  • New Updated tests to V5.1 release



Conduite is the French word for control.

Our mission is to give you control over your organisation, your risks, and your outcomes.

Our consultancy is focused on knowledge transfer. We want you to be self-sufficient, and as quickly as possible.

That is why we created the ITIL Wizard for our students, and our classrooms. We needed a practise examination application that could be used anywhere, and was current with the latest training.

There are many ITIL apps in the marketplace but we wanted one could depend on AND trust.

Conduite provides a range of management services to both the IT and creative industries, generating opportunities in both domains.

We work from top to bottom, ensuring control is created in a strategic manner, and supporting your leadership development.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Service Management
  • Project Management (PRINCE2 and PMBOK)
  • Tool Implementation and Report Authoring
  • Baselines and Assessments (ISO20000, COBIT, CMMI, PMF)
  • Process Excellence (Business and IT)
  • Training and Advice
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Governance and Boards

We’re excited about the potential of mobile applications to liberate knowledge and empower our customers. Stay tuned for more exciting developments to help you and your colleagues take your IT Service Management to the next level.